Johor is a place where it won’t take long to reach from Singapore. It’s a great place to spend your weekends or your holidays. You can easily book a private car if you don’t want to drive yourself. Each town has its own unique native products; you definitely want to discover the native products in Johor that you can bring back home or as a gift to your relatives and friends.

From biscuits to coffee and foodstuff, there are some particular native products that even Johorean wouldn’t want to miss. It can be a hard decision to make when there are various options to choose from, but it is worth bringing home to try out.

You may have heard of some of the native products in Johor. But if you have no idea where to discover the native products in Johor, or have not tried them out, here is a list of native products in Johor which you want to go.


Native Products In Johor #1 – Ming Ang Confectionery

Native Products In Johor

Image Credit: Ming Ang Confectionery

If you love freshly baked biscuits, Ming Ang Confectionery is where you can get them. They have a few outlets, and all of them are located at a very strategic location where you can get them easily. One is located at City Square, which you get there within minutes from the Singapore checkpoint. If you are traveling around JB, you can also get it at Taman Abad and Bukit Indah if you are nearby.

Ming Ang is well-known for their Heong Peah and Siew Bao. Heong Peah, also known as Beh The Sor, is one of their popular items that sell out fast. When the pastry is ready, you will see the staff packing almost immediately as customers wait for it. The pastry will have to be cooled down before packing, so you may have to wait a while if you are getting one. If you are a durian lover, they even have durian flavor for you to try out. You definitely fall in love after your first try.

Ma Bun Biscuit (Shao Bao) is another popular item in the store. It is packed in 8 pieces per box, and you are limited to purchasing 3 boxes per day. Can you imagine how popular it is? The filling is sweet and savory at the same time. The outside will be slightly crispy when it first comes out but will turn softer after a few days. You can bake it again if you want it crispy. They sell drinks too if you need them after a hot day.


Native Products In Johor #2 – Kedai Biskut Pandan

Native Products In Johor

Image Credit: Jb City Guide

Established for more than 20 years, this shop is popular among Johorean. They are famous for their pandan red bean cake. Their sweetness is moderate, and the not-so-heavy taste of their traditional biscuits will satisfy your taste bud.

The owner insists on serving his customers biscuits that are freshly baked. The biscuits show a shiny golden color with really thick and smooth fillings. It is so satisfying to just look at it. It is the best choice to go with a cup of tea or coffee for afternoon tea.

They are open till the afternoon, so remember to go early if you want to get one. They may close early if all their biscuits are sold off early. You wouldn’t want to miss it if you were in town. Also, make sure you don’t go to the wrong place. They were once in Taman Melodies but have shifted to Taman Ekoperniagaan.

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Native Products In Johor #3 – Kluang Coffee Powder Factory Sdn Bhd

Video Credit: BrainCreative TV

Established in 1966, Kluang Coffee Powder is the best coffee manufacturer in Johor. It has supported the coffee culture in Kluang and even received approval from the Sultan of Johor. It is one of the most popular coffee brands in Kluang. They not only have coffee powder, but you can also grab some coffee beans.

Their coffee combines three types of coffee beans such as Liberica, Robusta, and Arabica. They have various choices of coffee powder or beans, like large coffee grains and small grains. Their quality is guaranteed. The appropriate amount of sugar added to coffee can give you a smooth and wonderful taste.

Besides getting coffee powders or coffee beans, you get to see the process of making coffee beans or powder, such as grounding, roasting, and packaging, if you visit the factory. Visiting the factory would bring you back to your childhood days.


Native Products In Johor #4 – Otak-otak Cheng Boi

Native Products In Johor

Image Credit: Johor Now

If you are visiting Muar, the local delicacy you wouldn’t want to miss out on is Otak-Otak. Otak-otak Cheng Boi is popular among the locals. According to them, Cheng Boi is the best and original otak-otak in Muar and also the most authentic one.

Their otak-otak comes with many flavors for you to choose from. Their price is reasonable and cheaper than any other places you can buy from. Their ingredients are fresh and very pleasing to eat. Some said their otak-otak has a unique smell and taste.

If you want to buy a bunch of otak-otak to grill at home, they also have uncooked otak-otak for sale. It can be stored in a refrigerator for a few months. It is worth it to get some back for yourself.

Native Products In Johor #5 – Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory

Video Credit: Bone Apple Tea

One of the oldest and most famous bakeries in JB, Hiap Joo Bakery was established in 1919. There are various choices of bakeries there, but they are popular for their banana cake. Their banana cakes sell fast, especially during weekends. Their bread and buns will bring you back to your childhood.

Till now, they are still insisting on using the traditional way. Their cakes and buns are baked in a charcoal oven. Their banana cakes are much spongy, fragrant, and moist. They have different freshly baked buns, which include red bean, coconut, peanut, etc. The buns also sell fast. Their bread and cakes are only available in the afternoon, but you will see queues in the morning. That shows how popular they are.

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